Airport and Rendevouz

I have an SMC wireless basestation/router which I got to use for dialup backup, which I never installed of course. This weekend I put 10.2 on my G4 desktop and noticed, after playing with Redezvous (ichat) that my SMC was locking up from time to time.

I called AT&T and there were no issues there. Unplugging the router reset it every time. Tonight I found an article mentioning this exact same behavior with Apple’s Snow Base Station, and that there was a firmware fix.


I also noticed that Rendezvouz did not work over airport, only when I was plugged into Ethernet on the SMC.

Great again.

So I decided to upgrade the firmware on my Linksys 4 port Cable/DSL router and get it working. Fine. Then I upgraded my Snow Base Station. Fine. All configured, the Snow in bridge mode, connect em up….

Rendezvouz works over Airport!

Next I tried some signal tests and got the same crappy Snow signals with my TiBook. Then I remembered I had found my SMC worked best on channel 6, so I switched the Snow, reset it and wow, I get 4 bars almost everywhere, and where I was dropping off, I have 3 now!

So, I guess I have $300 of hardware to sell.