A Short Story about Macs with Strange Hardware Issues

We used a wide variety of computers at The Voyager Company. One of those was a Macintosh Iici, which was used in the art department. The computer started crashing one day while doing random tasks. The folks using the machine tried the various tricks of the day, such as fixing the disk, removing extraneous “inits”… Continue reading A Short Story about Macs with Strange Hardware Issues

Supporting Apple Pay

Please use Apple Pay whenever you can. It’s the only way it will become more ubiquitous and improve. We don’t need more incidents of stolen credit data.

Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate with peppermint rum was incredible. You can find it, along with some snow, at Timberline Lodge

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Get the car

Last week, Elizabeth met me at a local restaurant so i set a reminder to have her drop me off at the car when we left the restaurant. The reminder never fired. I forgot to get the car, and to file a radar. Until this morning while on a bus, I passed said restaurant and… Continue reading Get the car

Bissell Crosswave

The infomercial for this thing makes it look like cleaning the machine is a nightmare.

Moving the HomePod

I moved the HomePod about 10 feet farther away to the left. Siri has a harder time hearing me with metal playing at 70% but jazz is OK. I have to yell a little louder to get Siri to hear me over the metal.