Supporting Apple Pay

Please use Apple Pay whenever you can. It’s the only way it will become more ubiquitous and improve. We don’t need more incidents of stolen credit data.

Get the car

Last week, Elizabeth met me at a local restaurant so i set a reminder to have her drop me off at the car when we left the restaurant. The reminder never fired. I forgot to get the car, and to file a radar. Until this morning while on a bus, I passed said restaurant and… Continue reading Get the car

Bissell Crosswave

The infomercial for this thing makes it look like cleaning the machine is a nightmare.

Moving the HomePod

I moved the HomePod about 10 feet farther away to the left. Siri has a harder time hearing me with metal playing at 70% but jazz is OK. I have to yell a little louder to get Siri to hear me over the metal.

Apple 2018

I wasn’t always an Apple fan. My Atari 800 was bought by my parents because the Apple II was too expensive. It felt like a computer for the elites. I got over that when my grandfather bought a Mac 128k for me in early 1984 and it was everything Byte magazine said it was, and… Continue reading Apple 2018

Cannot start words at the beginning of sentences with lower cased letters with the Smart Keyboard

Another annoying bug that I am sure Federico has many Radars on. When using a Smart Keyboard on my iPad, I cannot start words at the beginning of sentences with a lower cased letter. IOS (see!) just won’t let me do it. The only lame workaround is to press and hold on the down caret… Continue reading Cannot start words at the beginning of sentences with lower cased letters with the Smart Keyboard

The Force Awakens

I re-watched The Force Awakens last night ahead of Friday’s Last Jedi screening. I am not a super huge Star Wars fan, other than I really enjoyed episodes IV-VI. The Force Awakens holds up. It’s entertaining, the pace is good, and the story is decent. Sure, it’s A New Hope over again, but who cares.… Continue reading The Force Awakens

Siri didn’t like my message

My friend Joel sent me a message and I used Siri via CarPlay to respond. After I finished speaking, Siri just beeped her completion sound and went away. She didn’t send my message, didn’t express concerns with its content, didn’t report and error. Rude, Siri.

Getting HomeKit to work again

Ok, Apple, in order to fix this HomeKit nonsense we had to: Update iPhone Guess that Apple TV also needed updating because you didn’t tell us Disable Apple TV public betas to see 11.2.1 try cellular, no go Enable WiFi and use the Home app Now cellular works Ugh

Apple Pay Naughty or Nice List

Updated: 2017-12-10 21:30:38 Nice Ace Hardware All about Air heating and cooling Chevron (at the register) Jimmy Johns Local post office McDonalds Panera Parkrose Hardware Safeway Starbucks Subway Walgreens Where the shoe fits Whole Foods Naughty Applebee’s Bath and body works Buffalo Wild Wings Burgerville Chipotle Kaiser Permanente KFC MOD Pizza Potbelly Target Walmart