Elizabeth and I went to Cinetopia with Tom to see Frank Miller’s 300 this weekend. Wow! The story […]

Akira Kurosawa. What else can I say? What I enjoy about subtitled movies is that they require me […]

I’ve liked Paul Giamatti since I saw him in American Splendor, even though his career spans back to […]

Matt and I went to see Ying xiong (2002) (aka Hero) at the Marina Del Rey UA/Regal theater […]

Team America is the movie I am waiting for. No computer graphics, just puppets and story. Oh yeah […]

I’d never sat through Sound of Music, The (1965), but I am glad I have now. It was […]

Sadly, I have not see the original version of Manchurian Candidate, The (2004). The remake was entertaining however, […]

I like Kevin Smith, so i rented Jersey Girl (2004). Course after I started watching it, I realized […]

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) was a movie that reminded me far too much of my youth, haha. Quirky, sad, […]

In Bend It Like Beckham (2002), a talented indian female footballer is confronted with her culture, authority and […]

It took me 19 years to finally see Kurosawa’s Ran, an adaptation of Shakespear’s King Lear. It was […]

Siu lam juk kau (2001) (Shaolin Soccer) is a wonderfully campy kung fu movie that meets hokie sports […]

Chain Reaction (1996) was another action vehicle for Keanu Reeves. Even with Morgan Freeman, the bad guy with […]