Full Metal Jacket

I think I had seen bits and pieces of this Kubrick work but not fully through. At least I could not recall.

What intrigued me is how much the movie’s dialog has worked into American culture, such as “love you long time” or “Texas? Only Steers and Queers come from Texas”

This is one of those movies that, like or hate war, it is a must see to understand what our boys come home as, the hell they go through training to be killers, to actually become killers. No matter the cause, the justice of the cause or the support of others, that they have become different than most of us and what we need to know how to understand them. It is only human.

Violence begets violence, love begets love, tolerance bridges the two. Keep moving forward with a good heart, lift those around you up and wish for a better tomorrow so that our men and women don’t have to become killers for us.