Matt and I went to see Ying xiong (2002) (aka Hero) at the Marina Del Rey UA/Regal theater last night.

The story was great – The history of how China was formed through martial arts and fantasy. I highly suggest it.

The theater sucked. First, the god damned “20” had perfect sound but the movie had a loud hum and the audio was quiet. This lasted about half the movie, with the occasional movie ad audio popping in as some moron flipped switches when he wasn’t spanking it to Angelina Jolie in Sky Captain playing in the next theater.

Then the hum stopped. Oh oh. Swords clashed and what had to be 120db plus blasted and crackled the speakers (or my ears) I literally had to plug my ears and I never do that. This then lasted for at least 5 minutes while Matt laughed at the stupidity of it all. Finally the audio level dropped to a normal level.

Of course, nobody was in the lobby when the movie let out. No UA heros that night.

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  1. And we all know how you want your “20” experience to be perfect!

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