The Princess Bride – 2006 Edition

yes my favorite movie, The Princess Bride, has been re-re-released. This marks the fourth time I have purchased it. Laserdisc, DVD, not-as-crappy Special Edition DVD, very nice DVD.

This new edition comes in two box covers, The Dread Pirate edition and The Princess Buttercup edition. I bought the latter because the art depicts them face to face, whereas the DPR edition depicts Wesley close with Buttercup in the distance on her horse, which just didn’t feel right.

I have not looked at much but I did watch the Battle of Wits scene, which on the previous two DVDs was horribly dirty with nasty film noise. This new DVD is very clean. I still don’t think it holds up to the Criterion laserdisc print, but it is acceptable.

Of course, once the HD wars are won I am sure I’ll be buying this movie yet again.

This is a two disc set and sells for the very reasonable $19.99.