Manchurian Candidate

Sadly, I have not see the original version of Manchurian Candidate, The (2004). The remake was entertaining however, a bit predictable and since I have heard that the ending is different than the original, I won’t spoil it.

I have to think that this was created my liberals though. Just seems to have that “evil republican will do anything to rule the world” overtone, no?


  1. Ah, you didn’t, I misunderstood the wording. Anyways, there’s a link to the original, which is considered a classic.

    With a cast that includes Sinatra (multi talented), Janet Leigh (a great actress and mother of Jamie Lee Curtis), Angela Lansbury (versatile and kept a career all her life), I would expect it to be considerably better than a remake with a cast including Denzel Washington (highly overrated), Meryl Streep (past her prime) and Jon Voight (whose best work was fathering Angelina Jolie!)

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