Backing up with Backup

I am now doing my first major cross-CD backup using the Backup application that came with my .mac subscription.

8 gigabytes, 14 CDs it claims. “But Steve, you own Retrospect, why not use that?” Well, restrospect stores data in it’s own proprietary format, which means you need Retrospect to read the data later.

After Backup churned for over an hour (yes, it is slow, and it pummelled my poor tibook in terms of performance) it burned, verified and ejected disc 1. I then put that CD into the G4 and sure enough, all data is in the clear (just normal files) just like with iDisk backup.

I am not sure what it will do with a folder that is larger than a CD, but we will find out!

this is no speed demon, but it is the first cross-cd application I have found that actually just puts files on CDs. Now I can send my ex-boss that 8 gigs of data I have been holding onto without him needing a special app to read them.

Too bad I will have to sit through the hour long scan to make myself a set, but that will be later, I will be out of CDs by then.