Classic Aladdin aimless decisions…

From MacFixit:

Stuffit Deluxe 7 RAR support Aladdin Systems provided the following statement to a user regarding support for expanding files using the RAR format: “StuffIt 7.0 does not support the current RAR 3.x.x standard in use on versions of the Microsoft Windows OS and/or other OSes; StuffIt 7.0 only provides support for up to the discontinued RAR 2.5 standard. Aladdin Systems software developers do not have permission at this time to licence RAR 3.x.x from RAR creator Eugene Roshel for use in Aladdin Systems softwares, so the only current option is to try to reverse engineer the support. It is not known if and when this will be sucessful. At this time, archives using the current RAR 3.0.0 standard can not be expanded.” Euegene Roshel, the creator of the RAR format, replied: “Portable Unrar 3.0 C++ source code is available in “RAR extras” part of since early beta versions of 3.0. It may be used free of charge in any applications, the only license limitation is that source must not be used to re-create RAR compression algorithm.”

Steve’s Take: Ask any of my friends, Stuffit needs to go. This company continues to produce slower than the competition compression and expansion. The above is an example of management not even talking to the RAR compresion holder to get the same information a Macintosh news site could get.

Someone needs to just make a competing product and be done with it. If I knew anything about compression…. hehe