Confessions of a Mac to PC convert

Geez, Microsoft can’t even be original in it’s own advertising:

Microsoft ripoff advertising

Gotta love the quotes:

“AppleWorks (previously called ClarisWorks) pales in comparison to Microsoft Office XP.”

Pales in price comparison, too.

“The key to getting hardware to work with your computer is to have the correct drivers, the software that enables your PC to communicate with your hardware. Windows XP or your computer manufacturer will pre-install most of them. If not, go to the Web site of the company that makes the peripheral you want to attach to find the most current drivers.”

Ok, the fact that they had to add a section entitled “A Final Note about Hardware” should be clue enough, but this sort of disclaimer? What more can I say but:

“My name is Janie Porche, and I saved Christmas!”