Experiencing life

I’ve been blessed in my journey through life. I have had friends, family, a wife. Some things have changed, some have stayed the same – All have made be a better person.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a couple of days with Maggie and Sarah before they leave for Australia. Sarah left this evening, Maggie leaves tomorrow. I’ll miss them for sure.

I can worry about things that life, or I, have made curiously challenging for myself, but all of that folly is for not if I end up in a pile of mental goo at the end of the day. Rather I choose to look to the sky and move on with my life. This shall be my charge for the coming days of this year. I shall present those in my past with presents of hope and future, and I shall seek out that which will help me grow in both my personal relationship and relationships of the other person.

Life is a precious thing – Some come into it, some leave, but the touch of a kind soul stays with us until we die. Sad we are to see some leave, but happier in that they move onto new adventures, new growth of their souls, and in that, the Earth will be a better place to live.