Today was a great day!

I had a really nice date with a woman I met online. We had lunch, saw the latest Bond flick (her idea!), shopped and talked. Anyone who likes South Park is a friend of mine! I hope we hang out some more.

I started working last night on a solution for my Mom, so she could finally switch to OS X. She uses an older chat application which will never be ported to OS X, and she likes the voice feature, which does not work well under Classic. So I am writing a Cocoa application to handle the speech, and a plugin for the chat client to pass off text to the Cocoa app! So far, so good. I am battling making the application AppleScriptable now.

My TiVo just got new software. It has rebooted, installed the patches, rebooted, again, rebuilt the database and just got back to working (13 minutes downtime) I wonder what is new…

Ah the new DirecTV merger has finally happened. DirecTV is running all TiVo apsects now on the combo boxes. The main menu is awful DirecTV purple now, yuck. My programs are still there. The system version jumped from 2.5.2 to 3.1. My account is in Good Standing. 🙂

There is a new Show Type recording option: All (with duplicates) I guess this gets around the 28 day limitation. Gonna turn this on for Boston Public since I missed the season premier (due to our Fox/WB stations doing a merge dance)