Weekend with friends

I spent the weekend with my friends Scott and Jeanie and their two children. I had a great time, despite the air of tension, as Scott’s dad had just come out of heart surgery the week before. Our prayers are with them for a speedy recovery!

I got to give Christie many piggy back rides – I need to work out more often, this is for sure! William and I played games on his GameCube and set up his hot wheels test track.

We had In N Out for dinner (thanks, guys!) which I had not had in such a long time (no In n Out’s in Portland!). Coupled with the several hot dog on a stick mall runs this week, I have met my quota of California quisine I miss in Portland. (Any single females reading this must be shaking their heads haha)

Tonight Matt and I are off to Pat’s party. That should be a lot of fun!

My Dad is having breathing issues again also, so our prayers are with him and Mom, too. I guess these times help remind us what is important in life – Family, truth, love, honesty and good will.

All things considered, I am truly blessed in life and I hope someday I can help others so they are as blessed as I am.