Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May 2003 bring you peace and happiness and the strength to deal with the hardships that may come.

Last night Mark picked me up and we went to Steve’s place. Mark was kind enough to leave his sis’ dinner, he even picked up Subway. Note: Never loosely plan a party. Six sandwiches, a large pizza, 12 cokes, 12 rootbeer, 8 waters and 2 bags of chip later, the three of us sat down to watch a movie. LOL

No, we didn’t eat it all. We took some home.

Matt came over after 1am, having spent NYE with his finacé, Roslynn (good on you, Matt!) Steve and I played a couple of games of Magic – split the games and had a good time!

Thank you to all of my friends I made in 2002, I hope we become closer in 2003!