Apple updates iCal and iSync

Happy New Years from Apple! iCal and iSync have both received updates. You must download them from the site, no Software Update is available as of this entry.

For iSync, new additions include supporting the web accessed address book. YAY! This will go live after Jobs’ keynote next Tuesday. Also improved (but not tested) is the palm conduit setup. I will test the palm conduit when I return home.

iCal launches about 20 times faster now. Nice work, team! It remembers the window size! And better yet, it remembers a different window size for each viewing mode (day, week, month)

Events still overlay other events oddly, instead of showing them side by side (two events for the exact same time frame. Think multiple tracks of classes)

iCal is much zippier now. I have not tried importing, etc.

Thanks, Apple! Congratulations on the great progress!