iTunes Music Service report

Update: I just purchased my first song. I had to quit iTunes and relaunch. I guess it got confused in the ragged launch morass. The song downloaded quickly and when I updated the iPod, it synced fine!

It has been 3 hours since Apple’s iTunes service went live. I can finally get into the store via iTunes, but i can’t buy anything yet due to:

“could not purchase “” because there was an error, Please try again later”

Oh well. I somehow lost my iTunes library in the HD failure from Hell in March. I was able to copy all of my songs off of the iPod using terminal, but I lost my playlists. No biggie.

A new feature is that when you re-rip a CD, it will see if you have already ripped that song and let you replace it inline. This is cool, but it fails if you changed a track name. Unfortunately, this is exactly what i have been doing, as a lot of of the CDDB titles are “artist/title” or “title – artist” which sucks on the iPod. Oh well. I guess I will have to write a utility to scan the XML export and find duplicates some other way, then send that code to Apple 🙂

Once I can buy some songs (got Dead Man’s Party on the list) I will let you know how it works.