Matterform pulls a fast one with SpamFire updates

I really like SpamFire from Matterform software, but today I and my friends got a little dialog stating that my filters were only good until a year after date of purchase?

I went to their site and they have added a little link about getting your subscriptions up to date, and put something in the FAQ, but the smoking gun is that they never changed their product benefits page nor their page on updates themselves! I have cached these off in a web archive.

The text is as follows:


* Always up-to-date. Automatic internet updates keep the spam away for good

Then if I click “Automatic Internet Updates”: (

Spamfire Filter Updates

Spammers are always trying to sneak through anti-spam filters. They change their tactics, their email addresses, their messages.

We constantly monitor the latest spam outbreaks and combat them with new filter updates. We publish these updates on our Web site and Spamfire downloads and installs them automatically. (Pro version only)

With Spamfire, you always have the most up-to-date spam protection available.

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Spamfire informs you when updates are installed, but doesn’t interrupt your work

THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT A SUBSCRIPTION THERE. I hope they change this policy before they have some form of action on their hands.