G5 is here!

This article will be updated with a few pics. I am still using the G4 (with an old monitor) until everything is set up.

First impressions:

  • Super slick design. I have some pics with the air flow guard on and you can hardly tell
  • Don’t try and slide this boy across carpet – It weighs a ton and digs in. Made getting under my desk interesting.
  • I am now overloading my 500va UPS during boot. LOL. I have some other stuff plugged in, but I see a trip to Comp USA soon. I’ll have THREE UPSes now. But only two power outlets. HMM.
  • Man this machine is fast. I decided to go ahead and test an update to 10.2.8 before the clean install. While the updater was running I launched ical. Heh graphics have stopped drawing. I know, don’t run apps while installing OS updates 🙂 I’m guessing this pulsing button means reboot – Yep. All works fine.

I’m going to make sure it all works and passes mustard, then I’ll reformat the disk (A much suggested tact to avoid any bad Apple burn) and start syncing my data over with Synchronize! Pro X