How many routers does one geek need?

  • Linksys BEFSr41 – Worked well, had some issues with my Vonage – Gave it away
  • Apple Airport Snow Basestation – Works well, but apple’s features suck. Especially in port forwarding.
  • SMC Barricade – What a pile of crap. Bought it for modem backup. SMC took 10 months to update firmware. Never did add the promised loggins. Screw em.
  • Linksys 802.11b Wireless – Worked well, wanted to go to 802.11g
  • NetGear 614 – Worked well, wanted wireless
  • NetGear WGR614 – This is my current router – Works great, but when I upload, my Vonage VoIP phone is useless. I like the MAC to reserved IP feature.
  • Linksys BEFSR81 – on order. This has a Quality of Service feature that claims I can plug the Cisco ATA for my Vonage service into port 1 and give it highest priority. I’ll either plug it into the NetGear (the netgear has a 100/full WAN port and cooler DHCP features) or the other way around.