The Haunted Mansion movie (spoilers!)

What I thought about the movie……..

I saw the Mansion this morning and I can say I enjoyed it. This movie was no pirates, but I will buy it on DVD. I am an annual passholder who lives in Oregon, so I could be one of those to hate a bad treatment.

I loved how they dealt with the act of suicide and removed it from movie per se, not in Gracey’s terms, but in Elizabeths, and made a character who is not an obvious part of the ride the “evil doer.”

I loved the references, and I really loved the statue on the desk’s homage to the following statues. This effect was much more subtle than the 3D rendered effect later in the movie, and even looked masked. The camera swung in an obvious manner to keep the shot on the statue, when most will see it as following Murphy.

I really liked the part about coming out of the painting into the hallway – that was really neat, and it was cool to pre-guess the paintings changing as he walked by, which they did!

Aside from the “happy ending” which I suppose some could see as a conclusion to the never-concluding ride, I don’t see much to fault here.

And of course, you did stay to see the ending after the credits, right?