Hey I’m still here!

Yep I’m still here, single, geeky, same old me. I created a DVD for my brother’s birthday – that was fun. It involved some lip syncing to a couple of tunes and some special appearances by Bozo The Clown. Seeing as I had never used makeup before, that was an experience. Rit dye is also fun stuff, unless you are the washing machine.

I’m enamored with Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro, and with the latest updates, they are better than ever. LiveType and SoundTrack rock also!

My group of friends is growing – Work is going along swimmingly well, though slower than I had hoped for. I’m really excited about the ideas I am having.

I’m starting to be able to make the hard self-discipline decisions for myself I’ve always needed to make, so that is a good sign. The weight is beginning to come off slowly, which is better than continually skyrocketing, so I am super pleased about that!

I’ve had some achy ears, but the doc says it is just a little blockage in my Eustachian tubes, so we’ll see how the OTC clears that up.

I can’t wait to see my family and friends! My brother is building a new arcade cabinet, so will be neat to see how that turned out.

That is about it for now, back to more reading on ripple vs. roll vs. slip editing!