Update on moi

Life has certainly been interesting as of late! On a personal note, I’ve had some really fun dates, I have been exploring myself more and more, taking more chances and have been pleased by what I have learned. I am on new meds which actually seem to be working – I’m finding it easier to focus, easier to think clearly and easier to read.

Speaking of reading, I am halfway through The Da Vinci Code. This book is incredibly entertaining and if you are into puzzles, art, history, Catholicism and lore, it is a definite read.

I was in NY earlier this week for an open source retreat held by the Andrew W Mellon foundation. I went to learn about other open source projects that are Mellon funded and how they might interoperate with TK4. The meeting was a smashing success and some good things may just come of it. I even impressed myself by getting up 4 hours after my date with Leah ended (all night drinking, I am not used to that!) to finish up my slides and give my talk. Things are definitely improving.

Speaking of dates, I’ve had some really nice ones. It is tough when the connection does not go both ways, but that’s life and one moves on. Getting to know more people is always a positive thing and I’ve enjoyed the people I have been meeting. I told Leah I tipped the car driver a bit extra for him having wood while listening to our discussion on dildos. ROFL.

The hotel in NY was amazing – I had a full kitchen (Seriously, gas stove, full sized fridge, microwave), a living room, a large desk with Aeron chair, king sized bed, even a cordless phone.

I ran out of cash while I was in NY – my ATM card had expired apparently and I had never received a new one. Lesson learned – check expiration dates before leaving town. Luckily most places took credit cards!

I’m working hard to explore myself and tackle barriers that exist due to being judgmental or naive. This has been scary at times, but all good things are at some point.

I’ve been gaining weight, ugh. Partly due to too many mochas, partly due to the new meds, partly due to eating late, partly due to not enough exercise. I am tackling all of these in earnest.

Well, I’m exhausted. My flight landed at 12:10am this morning and I did not get home until 1:30ish.

Live travels by at a constant rate – it is how often we take the time to sample it that makes life richer.