Went to the optometrist today. $360 later, I’ll have new lenses. My right eye is actually getting reduced one notch. I paid for an Optosis eye scan, is a new device, takes a 200 degree high res photo of your eye, laser enhanced. It showed a periphery degeneration in my right eye, which he said is not uncommon, but to keep an eye on it, so to speak. It was a large white mass on the outer edge.

This photo is cool because it shows things never seen before. They had a patient two weeks ago that came in for contacts, and had this test done and it showed a lateral retinal tear, which did not show up on any other tests. Fluid was building, so she had laser treatment to fix it, but that didn’t hold. She has a buckle on the eye now to hold it together while the retinal tissue heals.

Amazing this technology.

I finally got paid. but the check was made out weird so it might get rejected. Sigh. I’ll know in a week if I can pay my rent s

Taxes are due and I’m thinking of paying them on the credit card. More miles!

I have a date tonight, with a local gal no less, so local, she lives like 1/2 mile away. It is awesome to have a close friend!

I fixed the problem with TK3 running on XP in non-admin mode. It was the same problem OS X had, because TK3 (lamely) writes to files in its own directory. So now I move them to Application Data (thanks, Curt!) on a per user basis.