Six Apart explains TypeKey

Six Apart, who makes MovableType, the software this weblog is using, has released a FAQ about TypeKey.

Essentially, TypeKey is a free service for people running MovableType (although it can be licensed by other apps) to provide a user registration system. Users will register with TypeKey and then have access to every TypeKey enabled weblog, plus other applications.

This means that it is easier for people who have registered once, to use any TypeKey blog, thus lowering the cost of entry in terms of time, and makes it easier for Six Apart to block accounts abusing systems.

Once MovableType 3 ships, it will be interesting to see if I can block accounts individually on my own. I would expect so.

I get a lot of spam posted to my entries, which is why posting is off for new entries, and once I switch over to MT 3, I’ll be going through and deleting the spam from my older entries.