Two MacMice products I got

I went to the Tigard Mac Store today and with the help of Erick I picked up a MacMice Mouse and a MacMice SightFlex.

The mouse is nice – It is a little loud when clicking, and due to how they implemented the two buttons, when you pick it up to reposition, it drops away from your grip, but it does come with software which lets you set up the three buttons (and a handy “enable left handed” button) The scroll wheel is ok, a little tough to roll, but it is new, we’ll see how it is over time.

The SightFlex first caught my eye, as the Apple supplied iSight hold made it so I could not use my iSight in any other view than where the monitor faced. This little gem has a gooseneck so you can position it in a myriad of ways and the firewire cable runs inside the gooseneck. The top of the SightFlex is just a firewire connector that allows the iSight to snap on tightly.

As you can see from their site, you can flex the gooseneck in many positions, the weighted base holds it in place, or you can just pick it up and go!