I got a new mouse, one that won’t slip

oooh ooh ooh, one that feels real good, in my geeky grip..

Yes the MacMice mouse is less than a week old but it proved to have several flaws:

  • The mouse wheel is slick, and my finger would slip over it easily
  • The mouse wheel only scrolled every other detent, making it tough to mentally map the clicking of the scrolling wheel to movement on the screen
  • The mouse was light, and with the harder than normal to click buttons, the mouse would slide while clicking or double clicking, causing some clicks to fail.

So I bought this kensington optical elite mouse for $19.99. So far, it feels nice and the Kensington software is ok. The software did not come set up for prev/next for safari on the extra buttons, but I added those pretty easily by mapping the buttons to command-left and command-right for Safari only.

We’ll see if this is my mouse next week!