Boycotting Spiderman and Baseball

Update: Due to the immense fan disapproval, Major League Baseball has scrapped plans to advertise on the playing field. We win!

Alright, yes advertisements are everywhere these days but I am sorry, having Spiderman movie logos on the actual bases, on deck circles and pitchers mounds of a baseball diamond is gone too far. I have the right to draw the line and the field is it.

As a child, I can recall my first live baseball game at Dodger Stadium, between the Reds and the Dodgers. The field was a bright green, the infield a beautiful copper like brown, the bases a strikingly bright white. The chalk lines defining the boundaries, the foul poles perfect yellow. The uniforms astonishingly bright white adorned with Dodger blue.

The only ad was the Union 76 sign above the scoreboard and dodger vision.

They want me to pay crazy prices for a ticket to pay incredibly overprices athletes to compete so I can cheer them on and then stare at ads around the bases?

No way.

So I won’t be seeing Spiderman II, nor will I attend any games this season, nor will I watch any more on television.

Greed loses.