PC Upgrades

Went to get more RAM to Play EQ2 (video card was $400) and wanrted 2gigs to aid in game loading times.

ram was $239, but I can’t use 3 slots on my P4 2.6 motherboard, because Intel sucks ass, so I got a AMD processor ($250) and a AMD motherboard ($90) but the thing would not boot so I got a better power supply ($80) still would not boot then I found out I forgot a power connector lol, then it beeped, had to search the internet with my working MACINTOSH and found out there is a motherboard bug with this processor and a patch so I had to remove my old 1 gig of ram to get it to boot, which is WHY I GOT ALL THIS SHIT IN THE FIRST PLACE lol, so now I have to wipe my hard disk and reinstall everything from scratch (just did this on tuesday when my other HD crashed) becaue AMD and Intel so different can’t use same XP and BLAH LOL, 3 more hours maybe I can play my FUCKING GAME again. EQ has cost me $1000 in upgrades lol.

Yeah, PCs are cheap. lol