Vonage Support in the Tank (But the tank is refilling)


I called sales, got right through and got a second phone # to call. After 20 mins or so, I got connected with John. He was super helpful, took 90 minutes to find out that “Joe” had mucked with my box and corrected it.

Now that the MTA was connecting again, he changed my SIP port to 5065 to prevent any possible conflicts with iChat AV. I then called a vonage friend, uploaded files and it sounded ok. We then did a iChat AV while on the phone and that sounded ok. We then disconnected iChat and I uploaded a file, all fine.

Later tonight I will run more Vonage to Vonage tests with my brother to see how it works, and will keep updating this entry.

Many thanks to John for his support

I have been having some QoS issues with Vonage so I called them last night. After 40 mins on hold, Joe called me back on my cell and we tried a number of things to verify my broadband connection, etc. He put me on hold for about 10 mins, then the line dropped. He never called back.

Then my Phone Adaptor went dead and has been blinking all night. No number of resets have fixed it. Another call to Vonage this morning. 40 more mins on hold, then dropped. Now I am just getting busy signals when getting through the meny system (5 menus deep) to support.

Ugh. Not good, Vonage!

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