Paypal wins stupid email of the week award

In a hilarious example of “We don’t understand what we’re talking about” Paypal has sent out an email which explains how to avoid spoofing and phishing. Of course how do they tell you to learn about these scams?

paypal image asking user to click link

Click the link they say! Doh! Tiger Mail allowed me to easily pass the cursor over the link and see that it is a Paypal address, but still, you are teaching your customers to click links in email! Shame on you, Paypal.

This will be the next email copied and scammed by the phishers, just you watch.


For the record: Do not click links in emails! If a company asks you to go to a site, type in their domain name and find the page directly. Unless you can show the “raw source” and copy the URL by hand, so you know exactly where you are linking to, it is best to just not click links.