Need some AirTunes ideas


I found a solution over at My LinkSys WRT54GS just happens to run Sveasoft’s Talisman firmware (1.0.5) and it worked! Sveasoft has come under fire for their GPL practices which I don’t like either, but their firmware is good.

For the record, the steps this fellow suggests work fine. I had to ditch WPA security unfortunately for WEP 128bit. To do this properly, set WEP on the Aiport Express first, then click the Password icon at the top of the Administration window to get the hex key. Copy this hex key into the Linksys’s key field for it’s WEP settings.

This also works with SSIDs hidden.

There is a 8 second delay for itunes to connect to AirTunes for some reason, which sucks when pause/resuming 🙂 Any input on this would be helpful.

Original Post:

As my friends know, I am a bit of a geek and love da cool features.

Currently I use my uber cool Linksys WRT54GS router, which is also my wireless connection to my laptop.

For playing tunes, I normally use my iPod connected via a dock to the stereo. This works well.

I also have a Phone Valet Messaging Center which does things like record calls, shows caller ID on my screen and can run AppleScripts when my phone goes off or on hook. Two of the scripts they provide interact with iTunes and iChat.

The iTunes script pauses and resumes iTunes as I use the phone. This rocks! The iChat script changes the status and status message of iTunes. I just fixed this script to save the available status, so now it does not mess up custom settings, like playing the current track in iTunes.

What the iPod/Stereo solution does not afford is pausing and muting when I use the phone. So I’d like to use an Express to play the music. However, there is a hitch, of course. The Express cannot bridge with my Linksys.

Now I have two solutions I can think of. Spend even more money and buy two express, or run a long ethernet cord into the living room. Both suck.

Are there any other solutions? Does someone sell a AirTunes compatible WAP (Wireless Access Point) that might work with my Linksys?