I’m home! Expensive week!

Well am home from a week in L.A. for work. Am headed to Minnesota Wed, then Wisconsin to visit a friend. I learned it is crazy expensive to rent a car one way ($123/day)

I went to see my Ophthalmologist today to check my right eye, since I bumped my head, and the eye has been weird since. Well, not sure it was related, but my right eye is stronger now, not weaker, so getting the right lens set to the same as the left. This could explain the eye being tired.

Also, for close up reading, like computer work, my glasses are FAR too strong now, like 2 steps, much more than a year ago. So $300 for new reading glasses. The easier glasses immediately took strain off my eyes. Those come in a week. So $550 total.

Oh and car insurance was due. $335. Over $650 in expenses last week for work. Hope I get reimbursed soon. Crazy crazy expensive month. 🙂