Steve in Germany – Day 3

Day 3 was much much better. Martin came up and asked if I’d like breakfast, which of course I said YES! So he went to the store while I showered (see the pics) and we had a nice meal of oj, bread and lots of different spreads, some dark sugar spread and oh yeah a lovely margarine with a hint of yogurt flavor, was very good. Hard boiled eggs topped off the meal.

Then I caught the bus 73 down the street and paying very close attention to the signs, found my exit. It was only 2 blocks from the office and martin passed me on his bike. He left the bus stop the same time I got on the bus. LOL.

The work day was productive as I worked with a class Bernd had done and began the basis for my timeline widget. I even got some stuff checked into the repository and put up a simple draft of the documentation I am working on.

Lunch was at the cafeteria and I had a nice conversation with Grit, whose name I thought was Brit, sigh. Dantino (sp?) has a most interesting name. He said to not even bother with his last name.

After work I went outside the office to catch the 5 tram home, as Martin had emailed me to let me know we were going for a walk at 7. I was waiting for the tram where here came the 73 bus. It seems it makes 2 more stops past the theater and then around right in front of Impara it comes. So that is easy as cake.

I think I know where a bank is now and will look for that tomorrow morning on the way to work. I’m going to learn where the hot spots in town are for all of the socializing.

Today I leaned to say “Wo is der Abfall?” so I now know where to take my garbage. I worked a little on the days of the week but I still have much to learn.

I can now order gulashe and spaghetti and even margaritas, so all is coming together nicely. Bert was able to get my monthly tram/bus pass, so at 36 euro, is much cheaper than paying 1.20e each time you step onto a vehicle.

Whether I make it to France or not is unknown. This weekend is a holiday weekend, Monday is reunification day. I’m told there will be custom drink and food to be had.

Thank you to everyone for the emails and IMs – They helped a lot!