Steve in Germany – Day 13

Saturday was beautiful! I’ll post pics in awhile. It was a bright, sunny day and I got out for an hour walk through the neighborhood to take pictures.

Around 4:30, Martin and I headed over to Petra’s for dinner. We walked to the tram and Martin rode his bike down to Hauptbahnhof, the train station. He was on the bike as he was going to head to a party after dinner.

We walked from Hauptbahnhof to Petras, about 3 miles or so. It took an hour and was a great walk. We went by the Dom, which is a wonderfully old Cathedral that I have pics of in the Europe 2003 collection. Then we were at the water, as Petra lives on the Elbe River and finally made it down to her place.

We had Zwiebelkuchen und Federweißer, which is onion pie and fresh wine, a German tradition for this time of year. We also had a tart, followed by coffee. Bernd, Martin and I chopped the onions and meat, as well as grated cheese. The food was delicious and the company was wonderful. We did puzzles and told stories.

Most of the conversation was in German, so I just listened trying to pick up words and making my own stories using those words heh. Was quite fun.

Maic and his wife drove me home as the trams only run every hour late at night and I was home by 11:30. The youth house next door is having another party so more education on the German youth music scene for me!