Steve in Germany – Day 14, part zwei

Sunday was awesome. I had brunch at Canopé, which was a buffet of german pancakes, meatballs, eggs, ham, etc, etc. Yummy.

I did some work in the early afternoon, then Michael took me to see the canal bridge which I have pictures of. That is an amazing piece of engineering and is essentially a big bath tub over the river Elbe. We walked down the bridge and back.

We then went to café Pinguin, which is one of the few shops to survive reunification. Nestled in a quaint small village outside Magdeburg, they make their own ice cream and it was delicious. I had a cherry liquor sundae, mmm.

Michael dropped me at home and Martin was working in the yard so I helped him out. There was a pole in cement that needed removing so got the pick axe and went to work. By the time I was done that thing had been loosened, but I was not strong enough to lift it out. Martin did that work. I was fairly light headed too – I seriously need to get back in shape!

So I showered and then we ordered pizza for dinner. I took my clothes down and washed everything in two loads, including my Berlitz guide to german. Ooops. Guess I am going to the store this morning! I have not consulted it too much, but was sure nice knowing it was there.

Matt sent me a video of coral standing, with his help at her waist, but she did all of the balancing, looking quite perplexed at things. That was awesome!

I crashed early but got up at 5am. Bleh. On to another day!