Steve in Germany – Days 15 & 16

Monday was just a work day. Things are settling in just as I go home next week heh.

Tuesday I got into the office late, having worked at home in the AM while they had meetings, and had vege pizza dinner with broccoli on it. Things are do different.

Like milk in a bag. All milk is stored on the shelf, warm. Water has carbonation in it. Not tap water, but the water you buy, which is what people drink. It is harder to find water without carbonation.

Restaurants don’t serve water. You buy it. With bubbles.

People line up on the side of the road with wheelbarrows and their yard trash that they could not compost and wait for the truck to come by. These weekend homes are small plots of land and a cottage that people would own in addition to their apartment. It was their way of having some “freedom” during East German times, when the government controlled everything else. They’d plant vegetables, etc as a supplement to their other food sources.

That is it about now. Day 17 awaits!