I’m home!

First off, many thanks to Martin, Michael and everyone else who made my stay in Magdeburg comfortable.

The journey home was easy. Got into Portland 40 mins late. Elizabeth picked up up. My large bag was the last one off the plane. Made it to Comp USA with 5 mins to spare and picked up a D-Link game router. Not sure how well it works yet, but it is set up.

Been up most of the night syncing my laptop back to the G5. Really thinking about a new laptop, would save hours of time over months, and I could probably re-sell it when the Macintel’s come out for a fairly good price.

Thanks to everyone for their emails, chats and support while I was gone. Now I have much to do before Maccamp this weekend.

My TiVo DID go ape and recorded a marathon of South Park (even tho they were repeats, I really hate Comedy Central.) So I lost some shows, like the Desperate Housewives I had bought on iTMS and already watched heh.

Not sure what else I lost but life won’t be too worse off for it.

Tonight, Serenity!