Windows Users alert! Do not use CDs from Sony/BMG

According to this report, when you listen to a enhanced CD from Sony/BMG, it will ask you to sign a EULA (End User License Agreement) to play the content (even just the music)

When you give it permission, a “root kit” is installed on your Windows computer. This root kit hacks the operating itself such that the os can no longer see the root kit. This hides their copy protection from you.

This is evil on so many levels, but guess what? it is buggy. So much so, that if a hacker names a file $SYS$ on your computer, it is hidden forever. Virus scan cannot see it, nobody can see it.

So thanks to DRM and your friends at Sony, they’ve made it very easy for hackers to hide files on your system. Isn’t that great?

Oh yeah, it also scans your disk often, slowing down the computer and even reports to Sony which songs you are listening to. Nice! Don’t you feel violated? You’d better!

Return all enhanced Sony/BMG music CDs now. I know I am seriously thinking of not buying a PS3 now. These companies need to learn they cannot screw with us without repercussions.