After show party

On Wednesday night Sara invited me to the after show party for Rape. I picked her up and we headed downtown. It was quite the event. I threatened to wear “the shirt” but I was kind and wore semi-casual. 🙂

I met a ton of people, so many in fact, it is hard to remember all of the names! I spoke at length with Eric and Kevin about staging issues, lighting, Macs, you name it. The company is cool, they use all of the right stuff!

I met Sara’s boss Chris and his wife, Pam. I met the cast, including Jonathan, Scott, Kendra, Stacey, Aaron, Laura and Amber. How cool is it to work in a way where you just let it all hang out, give it your all and what happens, happens? I heard Tarquinius baptized Junius that night, heh.

Everyone seems bright and especially passionate about their work. I love that! We should all be so lucky to have careers that move us.

I really do adore Sara on so many levels. Introducing me to such a wonderful world is just one of them.

P.S. If anyone knows how to disable certain keys in Keynote, such as the number keys, drop me an email please.