Goodbye, Chef

We do love you Issac, even though your brain was scrambled by a fruity little club.

I won’t be watching MI:III either. I’ve lost all interest for anything starring Tom Cruise.

I’m most sad at Hayes for being so hypocritical. South Park’s beauty is that it pokes fun at everyone, every religion, every celebrity. That is rare these days in our “kiss my ass” society.

South Park has owned the Mormons, the Christians, the Catholics and Mel Gibson. But oh touch beloved Scientology, which is clearly a load of crap and “I quit.”

Its sad that we live in a world where a cartoon, hand drawn or animated, can offend so many people’s beliefs in something they can’t see, isn’t it? Let your God deal with the blasphemers, if they are indeed such. Continue your religion for the reasons religion should exist, to help others, to make Earth a better world. So far, you’ve proven that drawing a stick figure justifies murder, hypocrisy and hatred. Nice.

I’m sure that if there is a Satan, the way the world’s religions are responding to these issues is exactly how he’d want them to respond. Don’t you think?