Fun with Photo Booth

My MacBook Pro arrived today! I used the migration assistant to copy things over, sans the Applications. Because of preinstalled apps, I didn’t have enough space.

After an hour or so it was done. Ethernet did not work, but a reboot fixed that. The machine is much hotter than my PB 1.67, which was always cool to the touch. This thing is warm on top.

However. FAST. Playing World of Warcraft, with the same maxed out settings, but having a larger screen, the MacBook Pro is as fast if not faster than my AMD 3200 XP box with nVidia 6800GT. Running around Orgrimmar with both accounts, one on auto follow yielded the same FPS according to titan, if not faster on the Mac.

Way to go Blizzard!

So anyway, it is fast. I could use a 500gb HD. And now for the test of the built in iSight: