Browncoats and heat!

Friday night I went to see a charity screening of Serenity with Charles and Janet. We had dinner with Elizabeth ahead of time, then carpooled to downtown and found parking. We had drinks at the Gypsy, which was donating 10% of all food sales to Equality Now. The screening and raffle tickets proceedings were donated to Equality Now as well.

The event was organized by Firefly fans world wide, with Portland having the largest sold out event, 500 seats, plus another $650 from raffle tickets sales. Janet won three times, a Love Bot doll (don’t ask heh), a gift certificate to a comics shop and 4 tickets to a Portland Beavers game, which she graciously gave to me! They also gave me my second club shirt – a cool Dragonball Z design. Thanks!

The evening was a lot of fun, the movie was great a second time around and I had a blast.

Today, temperatures reached 101 and the house was 92 inside when Elizabeth and I bailed for the mall to cool down. We had snacks at the Cheesecake Factory (but no cheesecake – the horror!) and did some shopping. When we came home it was 94 downstairs and 98 upstairs. Now all of the windows are open and the temperature is starting to go down, a little.

Tomorrow we’re to hit 98, then 84 on Tuesday. Sigh. At least the heat doesn’t last for too long here.