Doug Morris says I’m a thief!

Yeah, that’s right. Doug Morris, one of the music industry’s enlightened ones, of Universal Music, says “These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it”

Screw you, Mr. Morris. Screw Microsoft for caving into your licensing, too. What did Microsoft do, you ask? They agreed to pay Universal $1 for every Zune sold. Oh I’m sorry, you’re paying Universal $1 if you buy a Zune. Universal gets 50 cents an the remaining 50 cents is distributed to all of their artists equally. YEAH, RIGHT.

Oh and you don’t get any free music after paying your Universal tax, do you? Of course not, because you’re a thief and you have been found guilty by Doug Morris and the Microsoft court of appeals agrees. By purchasing a Zune you have signed the plea bargain in admitting you are a thief.

Next up? Who knows, maybe Doug’s buddies from the RIAA might be sending you a letter. You’re a thief after all!