Roomba rocks!

So I charged the room, moved some chairs, unplugged my laptop and set roomba to work.

It rocks!

Ok its not a replacement for a full vac. But on a maintenance cleanup, it does a really good job.

It runs around banging into things, going under chairs, etc. I moved most chairs into the kitchen and it still went under them in there, getting crap off the kitchen floor.

It didn’t like the floor vent too much.

My discovery SE from came with the nicer caster wheel.

The roomba got stuck under the backside of my couch because the corner is slanted and it wedged the roomba so the wheels were off the floor. The roomba cycled 10 times and got free. Later, it hit the same spot, got wedged and abandoned cleaning.

I stuck it in the middle of the living room and did a spot clean to get what it missed.

This is what the roomba picked up in 45 minutes:

roomba dirt

Update: I will make a time lapse video of the roomba working. Also, I plugged in its home base charger, powered it up, pressed SPOT + CLEAN at the same time and it beeped, spun, and docked itself for charging!