New SHO tie rod ends and O2 sensors!

Thanks to Mike at SHO Parts NW I have new NAPA tie rod ends and 4 new Bosch O2 sensors.

Now to run a tank in town and see how, if at all, the mileage changes. The car seems to idle smoother, but that could be just me 🙂

The new tie rod ends have a grease nipple so now that can be repacked whenever I have the alignment done.

I also headed over to Schucks and picked up some Silver Star headlamps from Sylvania which are a very bright white (not that awful blue). The ultras (normally $50 a pair) are on sale through the 18th: $10 instant rebate and $10 mail in rebate.

Finally I picked up a paint pen matched to my car’s color and will fix up the key scratches I have had for a couple of years.