MailTags 2.0b8

MailTags was updated to 2.0b8 today and wow it is fast!

What is MailTags? MailTags is a bundle extension for that lets you:

  • Add any number of keywords to mail
  • Add a project tag to mail
  • Add todo events to mail, complete with alarms. This integrates with iCal
  • Add notes to mail

And much more. Why is this cool? Have you ever made folders in mail like:

  • My Project
    • Web Stuff
    • Money Stuff
    • Documentation Stuff
    • Bugs
      • Bugs with UI
      • Bugs with Feature Foo

If you have, you may also have many mail rules to try and file all of this mail. This form of categorization, which we’ve used since 1984 and the consumer advent of folders on the Macintosh 128K, is a simple form of embedded keywords. Each folder name is a keyword, and the hierarchy denotes projects or parents.

With MailTags, you can create a Project Tag named “My Project” and assign all emails with that project. You can then search for that project and have simple categorization. Need more? Add keywords! Add a “Web” keyword, or a “Money” keyword, or if you have money coming in from ads on your website, add both the “Web” and “Money” keywords!

MailTags also lets you search for keywords using the simple mail search box. If that is not enough power, you can make a Mail Smart Mailbox. MailTags extends the Smart Mailbox criteria to allow you to search for Project “My Project” AND keywords “Money” and “Web” Very nice!

This is a great little utility and now with IMAP support, it may become a essential tool to my daily mail usage.