Good software and word of mouth

This is how it should work!

I am subscribed to the Red Sweater Blog because the author is an Apple Developer, just as I am. Recently he acquired the wonderful MarsEdit RSS publishing software, which I used until I switched to the geekier TextMate.

Lo and Behold, MarsEdit has an update, life is good and in the process, he mentions his other software, FlexTime. So I take a peek and $19 later, I own it, because:

  • The price is very affordable. I love <= $20 utilities (That is why BetterHTMLExport Standard Edition is still $20)

  • It fit a task I needed today – I just replaced my $800 Mirra chair with a $45 inflatable ball to strengthen my back, but I need to switch every 30 mins. So now I have a “Routine” that every 30 mins speaks to me saying “Go sit in your chair” or “Go sit on your ball” hehe.

  • Its cool software! The dude even added a feature to export your Routine to an audio file, which you can sync to itunes. So lets say you were doing yoga, you could have a routine that said “Time for exercise 1” and then in 30 seconds “time for exercise 2” etc, etc. Have that recorded to your iPod and then take it to the mat, literally. Very nice.

I love small Mac developers. Way to go, Red Sweater!