Finally found a new shredder

My 7 year old Royal AG-X10 finally died after I whacked the top to loosen some paper. A component on the circuit board blew out, so I went on a hunt. I didn’t like anything I found online and all reviews were bad.

While at Fred Meyer, I found a Fellowes DS-2 on sale for $60 so I picked one up. It is fairly nice with a larger basket, a lift handle, can do credit cards but not CDs and if you touch the shredder opening, it stops. It also has a opening in front for dropping in clippings.

I tossed a bag inside of it (which obscures the window showing how full it is) and shredded a few items – Quiet and quick. We’ll see how long it lasts, but for this price, I can buy a new one yearly for five years and still be cheaper than the cost of a higher rated unit.