A new way to use an iPod – Listen to TWiT in your pocket!

Maybe I was too harsh on the speaker volume. Tonight, because I could not use my in-car audio adaptor, I listened to today’s TWiT via the speaker. I sat the phone on the passenger seat which stayed perfectly still thanks to the rubber case I bought for it.

I paused it while in the store, but on the way out, I started it again and put the phone, top down, into my wallet pocket. This meant the speaker was facing up. While driving around the show was perfectly audible. Once I reached home, I got out of the car, got all of the groceries, still listening just fine, put the food away and just sat down.


As a side note, I have decided to turn off auto sync because A) It’s a little slow and B) It pauses the iPod. Thus, when I plug the phone in to charge (my lap desk has plenty of room for the iPod and cable), it won’t stop the iPod. I’ll just sync when I need to. I do this manually anyway as if the phone/iPod is plugged in and synced, and then you listen to a podcast, the phone/iPod is not updated unless you manually sync.[1]

[1] For example, you have a playlist that lists unplayed podcasts. Listening to the podcast in iTunes will update the playlist, but not sync to the phone. It only syncs on connection. Thus, I have to manually sync sometimes anyway.